Bryan Girls Bowling Finishes 3rd at Teays Valley: Lead by Jr Ashley Grymonprez (3rd Overall)

Bryan Bowling Traveled to Columbus Wayne Webbs to bowl in the Teays Valley Thanksgiving shootout. The girls team finished in 3rd. We started out the day with a bang. Our girls shot a 950 1st game. This was a phenomenal start and gave us the lead. However, our second game was not so good. We came tumbling down as a team. “I think when you have such a great start like we did in the first game, it makes you want to over push yourselves too much, causing the bowlers to start to struggle.” We bounced back with our 3rd game. Going into bakers sitting in third place. Our bakers were out biggest struggle of the day.

Overall I’m very proud of this team to start the season with a very early tournament. The was some very good things that came out of it.

Ashley Grymonprez lead the team and finishing 3rd overall and making the all tournament team.

We also had a couple of personal best in this match

Kyah Davis shot 232

Polly Sleesman shot 194